My name is lauren, 
and i'm a creator. 

Lauren is a sculptural mixed media artist and photographer living and working in Portland, OR. Growing up as a military child greatly influenced her work, which explores the concepts of connection between humans and the land, humans and each other, and humans with the self. As a recent graduate of George Fox University with a BA in Studio Art and English, she continually connects the visual with the written, using both as a means to portray what it means to belong and uproot.


My work focuses on connections (human to human, human to nature, and human to the self), memory, what it means to be a child, and what it means to be human. This connection is often translated with the red string, either embroidered or otherwise hanging loose, as a play on the fable of the red string of fate. If this string were to exist in real life, what does it look like? How is it attached? How does it propel us through life towards one another? Does it go ahead of us, or do we unravel it?

Along with this red string comes the movement of memory, which is explored through different materials (wax, translucent paper) and methods of destruction (fire, tearing). And along with memory comes childness (children's clothing, childhood spaces, children's books). Much of my work relies on the found object and manipulating it to show the passage of time, while incorporating the string either simply formally or through the written word.

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