20 Project

It's been a crazy summer/fall season of photographing weddings. I got to meet and document so many beautiful couples and their love, and I can never say enough what an honor it is. Now that the wedding season is slowing down and I'm adjusting to that post-grad life, I figured I'd follow the footsteps of my friend, Victor, and my husband, Matt, and also start a weekly set of projects.

The basic premise is that on a particular given day, you roll a twenty-sided die (I'll just use the first ten numbers), and whatever number it lands on, that's the project you do. I'm going to do it such that I roll three times, once for a writing related activity, once for an art related activity, and once for a 52 week project idea (I know, I've failed at that project but I'm going to resume it). It will be a bit different for me though because I'm not going to post every project I do (mostly the writing related ones) and I won't share which 52 week project idea I roll until I actually share the photo.

So here are the numbers:


  1. Write a poem (3 word prompt).
  2. Inspired by a song.
  3. Write a 500 word flash fiction.
  4. 500 writing prompts -- for this one I will do an additional random number generator, and will also make it a fictional piece.
  5. Inspired by a photo.
  6. Write a poem (unprompted).
  7. Write 500 words in long fiction. -- This is another project I've been working on on and off for a couple months.
  8. Write a memory or dream.
  9. Write about a daily scene/encounter.
  10. Twitter progressive story. -- This one will be partially written by my twitter followers. (all will be revealed in time, haha.)
  11. Inspired by a vintage photo -- I have a growing collection of random photos I collect from thrift stores and antique shops, and would like to write a poem or short paragraph about the photo.


  1. Page in my sketchbook.
  2. Goodwill transformation. -- Find random objects in the thrift store and make something new from them.
  3. Collage.
  4. A pencil/charcoal portrait.
  5. A fabric piece.
  6. Inspired by a song or quote.
  7. Paint a face.
  8. Ecological art.
  9. Intimacy series. -- I've been collecting particular images and want to create some pieces from them.
  10. Inspired by another art piece.

And then of course the photo prompts. So I'm very excited to do this. I'll roll on Friday, and then post the results and next week's roll the following Friday. Except I'm too excited so I'll roll this first week's right now:

- Writing inspired by a photo.
- Intimacy series.
- 52 week: #5