20Proj // Week One

Week one of my new project is finally at a close. It took a bit of time to get into the swing of things--I'm pretty bad at self motivation. But once I worked on the project, I felt maybe I need to add something more. I'll keep it at three projects for now, and we'll see how it goes. Either way, it feels so good to finally have a schedule of creating again.

We'll start with my 52 week photo.

This is week nine for my 52 week project. I took a break to shoot weddings this summer, but I'm happy to get back into it. The number I rolled was #5, which ended up being just this song. I've had this song written as a photo idea for years, so of course I forget what the original idea was. It's a beautiful song regardless of its ambiguity, so I took the emotion of it and translated it to a photo. Erika kindly agreed to model for me last minute, and you can see the rest of the photos we made together here.

For writing, I rolled "inspired by a photo," so I sort of did a cop out and chose a photo from one of my favorite photographers ever, Greg Ponthus. All of his photos, this one included, really emulate adolescence and childhood for me, especially because I looked at his work when I was a teenager. It's a bit of a cop out because I write about my childhood all the time, but whatever. Here's the poem, it's still needs a bit of work so I'm okay with sharing it as is:


Adolescent summer,
so serious of dreams
creating some wrinkles
of expectations;
cascades of light-
ning down among the greens.

I always remember
something about that summer
I can slug to the next,
like the way that girl does
her "y"s and I cheat
on summer math sheets.

Everything multiplies
over my shoulders but
you knew that would come.
Wasn't it so witty?

A summer rain in the light,
running between the back
yard and front,
wet and dry,
back and palm.

I dream the same dream
again and again
but can't catch it when
I wake up to fall.

For the physical art portion, I rolled "intimacy series", which is a series of drawings I've been wanting to start working on, about intimacy. Pretty happy with how this one came out, especially since I haven't drawn anything more than a sketch for a few months. I definitely need to work on my shading a bit more, and I want to play around more with sketch vs. realism.

And now for this upcoming week:
Write 500 words in my long fiction.
Ecological Art.
52 week: #6

p.s. I added another item to the writing section. :)