20Proj // Week Three

This week has been good in terms of creating. A little lacking in the whole "write over a thousand words a day" front, but oh well. It's hard!

The 52 week prompt I rolled for this week was "String Theory" with a sketch of a person with a fish draped over them. I don't know either, man. But it felt so good to finally get outside and shoot self portraits again. It was really hard for me to do this summer because I couln't find a place I liked that was close enough to home. But now, this field, ugh, it's perfect. It's a giant park with fields and powerlines and forests and little beaches and minimal people, and it's so perfect. I love it and it makes me v happy. :)

Anyways, here's some more outtakes:

For Art, I rolled "fabric piece", so I made a little nature-y secret collection book thingie. It has a couple more secret compartments than what the video shows, and I like it because when you stick it on a shelf it just looks like a piece of bark. I want to add more pages and buttons to it in the future as well.

And for writing, I rolled "writing inspired by a vintage photo", and I did a little piece on it which I conveniently incorporated into my longer piece that I'm working on.

And for this week:

Writing: #1 - 3 word prompt poem
Art: #6 - inspired by a song or quote
52 Week Photo: #16