Week Four

Sorry this post is a bit late! Matt and I were both busy a lot of this week hanging out in Newberg, working on some film sets, and of course Christmas decorating. 

This was my 52 week sketch that I created for this week. I still think I need a couple more years of photoshop and/or shoot preparation (hah) under my belt to fully undertake this, but I'm pretty happy with this result. Thanks Jessica for being my model, and be on the lookout for more photos I snapped of her on my photo website

For writing, I rolled the 3 word prompt poem, and the three words that were randomly selected were "dance", "car", and "fishing boat". So here's the poem so far. It's in the very rough draft stage as I'm still working out a lot of kinks:


I sit in this boat on the browning marsh,
reeling in between the lines,
flipping a dime through my knuckled
power plays, sitting for a jackpot.

It's a waiting dance that the cattails accompany,
a bob and a dip between each ripple
made by someone else, someone who won.

I catch failure on my line, tug on it like I need it;
throw it out and read it again.
Maybe the bait is wrong, maybe
my fishing boat is scaring away what
should get under my skin instead.

But I drive my rusted car away, nothing
for my table, just my socks
still soggy in my boots.


And then for the art portion I rolled "inspired by a song or quote" and went to my ever trusty weekly spotify playlist for something new. This song is really beautiful and the mood of it lead me to this little abstract guy.

And for this next week:
- write a memory or dream
- ecological art
- retake an old photo