Week Five

For this week's 52, I rolled "recreate an old photo", so I took a little trip down memory lane and looked through the best and worst of my old 365 photos. I decided to recreate one of my favorites, this one, and also just realized it kind of looks like this one. Hopefully I did past me justice!

For writing I rolled "write about a dream or memory." I'll be honest, I didn't do this one. I wasn't really feeling in the mood to write this week, but I guess I need to do it even when I'm not in the mood. So I'll do this one this upcoming week.

For art, I rolled "ecological piece" and created this: 

It took a little bit of troubleshooting figuring out how to make the string stiff enough between the two pieces of wood. And I'm still trying to figure out how I should mount it to the wall. It's pretty fragile with those strings, so I think it needs a more sophisticated mounting solution than just hanging it with string or wire. 

And my rolls for this week:

Writing: dream or memory
Art: inspired by a song or quote
52 Photo: #4