Year in Review

Here I am, starting to write this with still twenty days left in the year. What can I say? The transition between years is my favorite time and I spend a lot of time reflecting, thanking, and preparing. It's been a crazy year and yet again I'm amazed that I was able to do the things that I did. It's always the same story, how I'm so scared about the next transition, the next "adult" thing I have to do, but I always ease into it and then it's not a big deal. 

With that, some highlights:

1. Getting my first (and then second!) tattoo.

2. Presenting my senior art exhibition.

3. Graduating from university!

4. Marrying my best friend and moving into our apartment together.

5. Getting the best job in the entire world: working for Pic-Time.

You can also see my photo year in review here. And now to look back at my resolutions for 2016. Granted, I pretty much failed miserably, buuut at least that's on par with most people, right?

  • Book fifteen weddings for 2016.
    • I photographed/filmed ten beautiful weddings, and booked three more (maybe four), so I actually was pretty close to this goal! I am so thankful for every one of my couples and seeing them so in love gives me so much hope.
  • Travel internationally at least once.
    • Okay this didn't happen, but I did get to do a bit of travel for shoots. Being newly married kind of put a kink in our bank account (real life, ah), but I'm starting prep for a girl's trip in 2018.
  • Read at least twelve books for fun, not for school.
    • I didn't keep track of this one, but I have gotten to read several fantastic books. Three of my faves were "Full Moon Feast", "Spill Simmer Falter Wither", and "Bright Before Us". Ah, so good. I read a lot of mediocre books too. I need to get a library card so I can stop spending money on books I'll never read again. Ah but I love reading my own books too. 
  • Be better about my finances + business marketing/managing/social media.
    • Luuulz I failed this one too. I'm slowing integrating more marketing-ish stuff, but it's hard when so much of the wedding business is based on word-of-mouth referrals. Anyways, finances will be a goal for 2017, hah.
  • Book an exhibition.
    • Nope, this didn't happen. I did apply to a couple, but I haven't been feeling too confident in my art stuff, nor to I really have enough to show.
  • Write a book.
    • Okay, confession, I kind of put this one in because I knew I would do it for my English Senior Thesis, haha. I do want to one day actually compile everything into a real book form. But I think the surprise of the year was the fact that I started writing an actual book, which I'm excited to continue on to 2017.
  • Minimize clutter + live more sustainably and ethically.
    • Yes, and no. I think there's always room for improvement, especially in my case.  I did a huuuge konmari clean of my apartment before we graduated. And we have made an effort to buy as much produce as possible from local farms, and purchasing made in Oregon/USA products.
  • Bring my camera.
    • Yes, I think I've done a pretty good job of this. I would like to do it even more, just to capture those daily moments, even if it is with just my phone camera.
  • Publish my poetry.
    • No, I didn't do this one. It's hard being confident in your work. But I need to do it.

Okay so there we go. It's hard because I didn't do some of these not because I forgot, but because of fear of failure. But I guess that's all of us. I just have to try, you know? Otherwise I'll never know what could have been. I have to keep reminding myself to just go for it, despite any feared outcome. So with that, here are some resolutions for 2017. I'm trying a new (albiet OCD) system to keep my goals/resolutions, where I have an overarching yearly goal, and then it's broken down to each month, and each week. Yeah, it's ridiculous, and if I find it's too constricting then I'll reevaluate, but I'm excited about it for now.

1. Publish my poetry
- January: write a poem every day. (low key research when submissions generally open)
- February: write a poem every week, edit one poem a day.
- March: every Monday, compile a list of publishers/magazines; Wednesday, continue editing/creating a document of the best poems; continue to write one poem a week.
- April: Week 1-2, create any cover letter for publishers and build specific portfolios for each; Week 3-4, send them out; write one poem a week.
- May-Dec: repeat

2. Have a regular yoga practice
- January-February: go through 30 days project; focus on two complex poses.
- March: 20 minutes at least every day.
- ?? (I need to do more planning)

3. Read 24 books a year
- January week 2 (since I haven't done anything this first week, hah): compile a list of books I want to read / get recommendations; dedicate an hour a day to reading.
- February: get a library card, create a list and keep a journal of my readings.
- At the end of each month: do a monthly book review.

4. New Zealand Trip 2018
- My friends and I are hoping to return to NZ, this time to the South Island, and I've taken it upon myself to plan the trip.
- January: figure out plane tickets and general plan (how much will it cost?)
- February: create monthly budgets and timeline of when things need to be paid for.
- March: compile list of activities we want to do and sites we want to see.
- April: plan hotel/hostel/transportation reservations.
- May: plan activity and hike reservations.
- June-October: begin booking? and honing in itinerary.
- December: Group budget/saving update/book plane tickets.
- February: Final prep, confirm bookings, dates, etc.
- March: finalize schedule.
- April: Confirm everything.
- May: Let's go!!

5. Write a book
-January: compile all writings; write 500 words a day.
- February: write 700 words a day.
- March: write 700 words a day, start playing with structure.
- April: write 700 words a day, add final descriptions and scenes.
- May: First edit?
- June: think about the poetic nature, characterization of humans and the scene and objects.
- July: Dichotomies of meaning.
- August: Second edit?  
- evaluate final months after this.

Yeah, I know, it's insane. But I think if I don't give myself weekly to-dos then they will never be done. Here are also a couple little things I want to do this upcoming year (with a bit of overlapping from the 5 big ones):

  • read every day.
  • write every day.
  • draw/create art every day.
  • yoga 5 days a week.
  • create one garment a month.
  • create my own compost/garden.
  • get involved with a local farm.
  • save money for New Zealand.
  • less social media, more connection.

2017 is the year of taking and creating. Taking and creating opportunities, taking time, taking nothing for granted, taking chances, taking too many breaths of fresh air, creating a space for conversation, creating memories, creating art and creating myself, and on and on.

p.s. with all this in mind, this is a sort of replacement to the dice project--which I loved but didn't like that the rolls were just limited to one week. I'm still hoping to get back into the 52 week project--I took a little break for the holidays, and maybe that will also be a good way to recap what happens each week. We'll see. Sorry I'm always writing my long winded train of thoughts, hence why this post is ridiculously word heavy. 

2017, I'm ready.