It's been a quick minute since I've blogged something personal, and an even quicker (?) minute since I've created tangible art. I blame the summer heat, which makes me want to curl into a ball and hide in a dark corner of the apartment, so I think maybe it is a legitimate excuse. I loved Alaskan summers, but now I realize I loved them because they were a lot like Oregon springs / falls. An Oregon summer is no good. Regardless, I've been keeping busy since graduation. I got married, we moved into our dream apartment, we spend way too much money on daily coffee dates, and we've made a pretty good switch to married life. I've been shooting lots of weddings, Matt's been working on film sets / post audio, and we're content and excited for our future endeavors. Our apartment is turning into a little home and I love every inch of it. Just last night our favorite bartender made custom drinks for us and our friends and let us name them, so you could say we are loving our little downtown community. It's simple times right now, so I'm trying to keep things slow and really enjoy each moment, while only being excited for the potential of the future.