January, 2017.

Here we are, one month (almost) down! I think the biggest thing I'm learning with these daily, weekly, and monthly goals is to find that line between giving myself grace and being lazy. I don't want to feel bad if I skip a couple days or if I want a lazy day or get busy, but I also don't want to use being graceful with myself as a crutch. Because I miiiight have crossed that line a little bit. All in all though, I'm pretty happy with this month. Here are just a couple highlights.

I've written probably about twenty poems for this month. They are all very bad, but I think some have promise.

For my novel that I'm working on, I definitely failed at writing 500 words a day. I need to just come to terms with the fact that I'm terrible at word counts and it stresses me out too much. I'm changing the mini goal a little bit to finish one scene a week, and hopefully that will be vague enough to not leave me freaked out. But I do have a good direction and outline going, and it feels really good to have an idea in my brain that I can take over a longer literary ride than, say, a poem or something like that.

For yoga, I've been working through Tim Senesi's 30 day videos. I'm only on like day fifteen, which tells you pretty explicitly how well I've kept up with it, haha. But man, it feels so good to ease back into it. I'm so sore but it feels amazing. 

For reading, I read through Last Child in the Woods which was actually given to my by my roommates. It was for their camping class and they knew I would love it, which I did. There was a section that got pretty "parent-y" so if you don't have children, your train of thought is "oh, this might be good a million years down the road but for right now I really want to skip this part", but overall the book is incredible. I think every human should read it, especially people who are interested in the environment and/or have young children and/or are interested in children. So it was perfect for me, because I've been interested in the child-land relationship and was pretty much just doing research myself based on my own childhood. It's very uplifting to read others' works on it as well, and it's a good reference book for further research.

I also *hopefully* brought back my 52 week project, starting with the two photos above, (the weird cloud jumping one to document my 23rd birthday) and today's photo:

Other random things that have happened:

  • Celebrated my birthday
  • Matt and I got Radiohead tickets (!!!)
  • We threw our housewarming party
  • I've also been sewing a lot of clothes and making lots of drawings

And I think that's about all! I can't believe January has flown by so quickly already. February is going to be even better, albeit a little challenging to stay focused on my goals because Matt and I will be doing a bit of travel, but I'm so excited for it all.