February, 2017.

Man, February was such a crazy, new, exciting month. I'm still on a camp high from coming back from Yeah Field Trip, so maybe that's gonna make looking back at this month a little rose-colored, but oh well. 

To keep things short, I pretty much failed my monthly goals. But I'm really okay with it because I've learned so many things this month, and those have really captured the spirit of my goals, instead of the letter. And also I was so busy this month there wasn't quite time (at least, that's the excuse I'm believing). The first week of February Matt and I flew down to Vegas with Pic-Time for WPPI. We sales-pitched until we were so tired we accidentally fell asleep in our hotel room, we ate way too much macaroni and cheese (baked in truffle oil--it was soooo gooood), and learned that I was really good at Blackjack. The second week (and a bit of the third) I caught a cold, so I was pretty out of it and just trying to recover. I did manage to get a couple shoots in though! And this last week I flew out to California, again with Pic-Time, to Yeah Field Trip, where we froze every night, made friends we might never see again but will keep in our hearts forever, and had our lives changed.

I did end up writing four poems (but all in the first week, so I don't think it actually counts as a poem a week?). I made just a couple clothes this month, made a lot of sketches, and cooked a lot of meals. I neglected yoga and writing my book, but thought about it a lot and got a taste of meditation, so I'm excited to add that to my practice in March. 

I did finish reading another book, this time A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I was warned that it was a rough, emotional read, but I think that warning ruined it just a bit for me (an emotional read in my mind is along the lines of The Bell Jar), because I expected that and waited for that type of emotion and didn't feel it. But I really loved all the main characters, and really saw bits of myself in all of them, especially in the first third of the book. I felt the second third dragged on for a bit, hoped that there was a theme in it dragging on, then didn't get that, but by that time the last third of the book picked up and I was over it, obviously distracted by the end and conclusion if you've read the book. It definitely made me cry a couple of times (thank God I had a row to myself on the plane because I was bawling like a child when I got to the end). This is one of those books I'm going to buy for my own collection (now that I got a library card I can filter through books before actually buying them, hah), and I'm planning on picking up her other novel. 

Okay, here's a few images from February because I didn't do my 52 week project, as per usual.

March, I can't wait to amaze you.