September Book Reviews

Once again another month has flown by far too quickly. But I did manage to get my hands on these books, which I’d been hearing so much excitement about.



by Jean Kwok

In a word, this was beautiful. The kind of extenuating circumstance like in this book is my jam, and I loved how Kwok made the emotions come to life. I don’t really like stories that wouldn’t exist if the characters would all just communicate with each other, but I think this one was successful despite that.



by Sally Rooney

Now a book that really doesn’t have good communication from its characters is this one. I found it very hard to be convinced of these people, and while the underlying psychology of the book was interesting, I wish I could have reached through and knocked some sense into the characters. The pacing of the book was also strange, as we would basically just get pockets of their lives, only at the point where they become reacquainted with each other, over and over again. Eh, wasn’t too impressed with this.



by Kristen Arnett

This book was macabre and wacky, and on normal circumstances I would never have even picked it up. But Arnett made the characters so interesting and real that despite the very strange scenario, I really couldn’t wait to see what happened on the next page.



by Courtney Maum

I actually quite enjoyed this book! It’s a little vignette into the life of the daughter of an artist, as they escape war in Europe by traveling to Mexico. All the characters were so charming and strange, and the way Maum describes the landscape and their lives is beautiful. I loved this one!