Reviews For March

This month I’ve been working though a personal school program I wrote for myself, and one of the books I’m reading is Light the Dark, edited by Joe Fassler. Each chapter is written by a different writer about some different aspect or inspiration of writing. So while I read through the author’s chapter, I also read one of their books, and all the books I read through this month are from this ‘class’. 


The particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

This book was just okay for me. At first I didn’t like it, and then I loved it, but then the twist at the end I didn’t really enjoy at all. I think the climax was either just a bit too convoluted for me to really take seriously, or it wasn’t described as well as I had hoped because when I read through the twist the first time, even though I did read it correctly I wasn’t sure if I actually had. It was a pretty okay book, I think it had some good moments and the premise is interesting, but I just wish it had been executed differently.



the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian

I absolutely adored this book by Sherman Alexie. Super easy read (it’s probably a middle school book), but has really good themes of what it means to be a Native American and the dichotomy of having to live two different lives. I have been wanting to educate myself more on this, especially as I become more aware of the Native American issues (and well, the mere fact that basically all white people are living on stolen land), but I guess that’s a different post. This book was very poignant but in a way that anyone can understand. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m excited to read more of Alexie’s work.



the joy luck club

Well, this is one of those books that I’m going to ask for for Christmas because it needs to be in my personal collection. Amy Tan is absolutely brilliant. She gives us the story of four Chinese women and their daughters, and similar to Alexie’s book, looks at the dichotomy of living in two different worlds. In a word, it was magical. I cannot wait for when I get to read it again.

PS I also read through her children’s book based on this novel, and it was also so beautiful! The illustrations were mesmerizing.


And that’s what I read through for March! I have some other things I’m working through with various degrees of completion, but these are the books I properly completed. Happy April, everyone!