petrie dish, 2017

petrie dishweb.jpg


Digital rendering and download, for you to print on A4 paper or cardstock. 
This will not have metallic accents, but those circles will be perfectly circular.
You will be emailed the print file after purchase.
All proceeds go to worthy causes (I haven't decided yet, haha, but it will go to something that supports women, the environment, or native programs), so donate what you can. 
Minimum donation is $5.



Handmade just for you, so there will be slight variation between designs. This will have the metallic accents.
Dimensions roughly 11"x7" and drawn on heavy paper, about 60lb but that's just my guess. I'm very official with these descriptions.
All proceeds go to worthy causes, so donate what you can.
Minimum donation is $20, to cover shipping or the amount of effort it takes for me to put on real clothes and hand it to you. :)